Spices for Love - How to Spice Up Your Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is almost here! Did you know spices can improve your love life?

Spices have been used for centuries for their health and vitality benefits. For example, in ancient times Cleopatra was known to use Saffron as an aphrodisiac.

Today, research continues to support the amazing benefits of adding spice to your cooking and your life. Of course, it is important to use spices in moderation to avoid unintended effects. For example, too much saffron can put you to sleep.

Here are eight ways to add spice for love:

  • Understand the symbolism associated with spices. While sage is known to symbolize friendship, saffron is thought to symbolize marriage. If you add Bay seasoning, you are sending a message of loyalty and faithfulness. And, there is always Rosemary which is said to symbolize remembrance. Symbolism is something to consider when adding special touches with spices.
  • Consider adding spices to your cooking. Saffron, vanilla and nutmeg are all thought to have aphrodisiac qualities when used in moderation.
  • Add fresh mint in beverages and/or chew on parsley for the absolute freshest breath.
  • Relax with a soothing massage using scented oils such as Almond, Eucalyptus or Peppermint.
  • Enliven your senses with fragrant candles such as Jasmine, Vanilla or Island scents.
  • Brighten your home with an herb and spice wreath, herb basket centerpiece or a dried herb bouquet.
  • Savor a spiced drink to arouse your senses and relax your mind.
  • Before you mail that special Valentine, add a touch of your favorite spicy cologne or perfume on the envelope.
Happy Valentine's Day!

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