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Welcome to the Spice Simply website. I'm so glad you stopped by to visit.

This website is dedicated to individuals around the world who enjoy spices and appreciate the unique flavors, health benefits and wide variety of uses of spices.

Spice Simply is designed as an informational site that provides easy ways to add spice to your cooking and your life.

Do you know the difference between herbs and spices?

Traditionally, herbs were defined as the leafy parts of low growing shrubs (such as oregano, basil, rosemary, etc...) whereas spices came from buds, seeds, fruit, tree bark, roots or flowers of plants (cloves, cinnamon, saffron, ginger, etc...).

Today, the terms are sometimes interchangeable with a spice being defined as any dried plant product used to season and enhance the taste of food. However, for culinary use, these terms are often differentiated as herbs (from the leafy green parts of a plant) and spices (from other parts of the plant).

Since in my humble opinion, all herbs and spices are great, this website will use the broader and more inclusive definition of spice.


Types of Spices and their uses
Types of Spices and how they are typically used
Easy techniques for using spices
Techniques for using spices for cooking and other purposes
Simple recipes with added spice for more flavor and better health
Simple recipes that can be prepared quickly with herbs and/or spices
Spice Drinks: How to add spice to drinks
Spice Drinks: How to add spice to beverages
Natural health remedies using spices
Natural health remedies - Using spices for better health
Spice Storage - How to easily store spices and herbs
Spice Storage and Organizing Techniques
Create a Spice Garden to add more spice to your cooking
Easy Ways to Create a Spice Garden
World Spices - Information about Spices
World Spices - Unique spices from around the world
Holiday Spices - Simple recipes and holiday treats
Holiday Spices - Recipes and ways to use spices during the holidays
Scented Oils
How scented oils can relax and invigorate you
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Spicy Questions - Your Comments and Ideas

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