Vanilla - Add flavor and sweetness to recipes

Vanilla has always been one of my favorite scents. Everyone knows that it's a great scent for candles, lotions and body sprays.

However, it also has very interesting possibilities in recipes. While traditionally, it is used in many dessert recipes, it is also good in certain seafood recipes.

A very small amount can completely change the taste of a dish - in a "good way".

Fast Fact: Where does vanilla come from?

It comes from the pod of a tropical climbing orchid. While usually used as an extract, the beans have a more intense flavor. A long and thin bean is filled with small seeds and pulpy flesh. The seeds and the pod have flavor.

Vanilla is typically the second most expensive spice (after Saffron). It was introduced in the 16th century.

Hint: If you like flavored sugar for coffee or other uses, add a bean to your (tightly closed) sugar container.

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