Store spices on a lazy susan

by Karen
(Port Angeles, WA, USA)

I bought the Tupperware square lazy susan a long time ago, and it's always been my favorite spice organizer tool. It's such a pain to have to dig through a bazillion bottles all crammed into the 'spice' cupboard, and since I'm not tidy by nature, I put all our most-frequently-used spices in the tupperware organizer. Voila - a quick spin, and I can find what I need quickly.

Don't mean to be bragging on tupperware necessarily, but that's the brand of the spice lazy susan we have, and it works for us. I'm sure there are others...

Thank you for this very cool site about spices! This is my first visit to your website, but not the last. I'm really looking forward to trying out many of your recipes (and my family thanks you warmly!).

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